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You know,…in 2008 Microsoft came on stage at E3 and announced that the XBOX 360 would be getting all these great features. I was 14 and excited as hell! Netflix was coming to XBOX Live and we could be in party chat online and all watch the same thing in the party as long as you all had Netflix! 1v100 was coming out and everyone that had an XBOX could play a real TV game show at a scheduled time. Then in 2009 they announced Facebook & Twitter with the friend linker option so you could see who on Facebook and twitter had XBOX Live. They also showed off that Zune marketplace was now coming to Xbox with instant streaming of rented and bought movies and tv shows. Then gave use the ability to watch those movies in a party as long as we all owned or rented the movie. They showed off Last.Fm too. Now some of these features might not seem like a big deal but as I sit her and stare at my XBOX 360 I can’t help but miss those little things. I miss my 3D looking cool dashboard and I miss the video party option the most. Especially the video party option. Why take that away? And why rename Zune Marketplace XBOX Live video and music?


I literally wanted a deviled egg,….so I made a deviled egg for myself. #summerfood #deviledegg #foodporn #picnicfood #yum

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Honorable mention to the legendary “If you’re from Africa, why are you WHITE?”

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A dip can coffee table!! Over 500 cans were used.

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Our friends are the people that have been there for so long you actually forget how long. These are the people that know thing people shouldn’t really know about each other. The good and the bad. The thick and thin. The people that tell you what you need to hear and laugh there asses off about vonage, getting stuck in trampoline nets, doing illegal things (you know who you are and what was done), shit talking like a project run way judge and always ready to FSU! #bestfriends #people #idk #loveyou


My woman crush Wednesday goes out to one hard core bitch! Gracen Schilling! We met in home ec in the 7th and after “mastering” the art of cooking we haven’t liked back. I know I can always text her up and bitch a fit about the stupidest stuff. Some day we will even rule the world, it’s in the yearbook, it’s gonna happen! #wcw #badbitch #bff #white