Our friends are the people that have been there for so long you actually forget how long. These are the people that know thing people shouldn’t really know about each other. The good and the bad. The thick and thin. The people that tell you what you need to hear and laugh there asses off about vonage, getting stuck in trampoline nets, doing illegal things (you know who you are and what was done), shit talking like a project run way judge and always ready to FSU! #bestfriends #people #idk #loveyou


My woman crush Wednesday goes out to one hard core bitch! Gracen Schilling! We met in home ec in the 7th and after “mastering” the art of cooking we haven’t liked back. I know I can always text her up and bitch a fit about the stupidest stuff. Some day we will even rule the world, it’s in the yearbook, it’s gonna happen! #wcw #badbitch #bff #white


If it could always remain August.

We would never have to say goodbye.

No tears would have to shed.

When we first met my heart skipped a beat, my eyes lost sight and all I could hear and feel was you there with me.

I rested my head and you pulled me in.

I was kid and you were a punk.

I was always late, you were always early.

What about the long run?

We had no plan, we just made it up as we went.

It was fun while it lasted.

Movies, dinner, and walking by the lake.

The way it use to be,…you were so good to me.

We were young and never growing old.

We showed each other so much, but never really had to say a word.

Our hearts beat as one.

We made up what a future we would have.

Dreams we would fulfill for each other.

The way it use to be,…

I miss tomorrow,…

You’re letting go of all our dreams,…

Even stars faid,…

Our talks became just snippets.

We negotiated like two nations at war instead of lovers.

I kept investing, but you froze funds and soon our love was bankrupt.

It can’t always remain August.

At least not for us,…

I’m trying to get over what we had.

My heart is no longer beating.

Excuse me while I pick up the shattered pieces.

Can you rush me the ending, I’ve run out of luck pretending.

Don’t blame yourself.

Just say goodbye and look me in the eyes so I can always remember.

Let’s leave each other with the memory of the journey we had and not how it ended.

If only we could go back to yesterday so we didn’t have to say goodbye.

Maybe one night we will reunite in a better life.



Night light :) #lol #haha #penis #shadow #pecker #dick #funny #idk #potato


Everything changes after high school. Some go off to college. Some go out and get jobs right away and try to make it in the uneducated labor fields. Still some go on welfare and become bumps. We all know what I’m talking about here. However the story. I mean sure it will be great to come back to my home town and see all that has changed in 20 years, hopefully a few of the jock assholes have worthless jobs like cashier at McDonald’s or something, but friendships see to change as people change. I mean since high school I only really am still close with 2 oh my group of 7 friends I hung out with regularly in high school. I guess after high school you really get to see who your true friends are, the ones that stick it out with you through thick and thin,…


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Just showing off my body cuz I can,…I mean I’d do me. #instagay #body #abs #v #sexy #guy #muscles #body #man #boy #dude #fitness #instafit #fit #bod #idk #potato #conceited


"I showed you mercy the first time by letting you live. Don’t rematch me, I already know all of your weaknesses. Next time I shan’t be as forgiving."

- Cody Beers

She’s got a headache isn’t my sister precious?!? @michaela_b14 #sister #daww #goober #potato #dofus